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Cryotherapy is a form of cold therapy, a method that has long been proven to reduce pain and inflammation and improve recovery. In a whole body cryotherapy (WBC) session at NOLA Chill, the entire body is immersed in a chamber cooled to below-freezing temperatures. Our CryoAir chamber reaches temperatures of -110° F. The body reacts to the freezing temperatures in a process called thermogenesis. Learn More…


Using the same sub-zero temperatures as whole-body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy sessions give specific areas of your body the special attention they need. Our experienced staff with use a handheld device to direct cryogenically cooled air to specific parts of you body. The pressurized stream of nitrogen vapor causes the blood vessels to constrict, decreasing inflammation and reducing swelling instantly. Learn More…


Using cryogenically cooled air similar to Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), the cryo facial at NOLA Chill specifically targets fine lines, pore size and wrinkles and activates collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. It’s an awakening of sorts, reminding your skin of its former youth by increasing the skin’s ability to regain elasticity, appear smoother and bring forth a youthful glow. Learn More…


Lose inches in less than an hour with CryoSlim. This amazing new technology uses cryogenics, or cold therapy, to kill fat cells and reduces the appearance of cellulite in no time. This world-renowned treatment is a great way to create a slimmer, more toned body in just a few sessions. Learn More…


Infrared saunas use an electromagnetic wave called infrared to heat the human body and provide benefits like pain reduction and weight loss. Unlike a regular sauna where the air is heated, the heat from the infrared sauna goes directly to the body. This increases the body’s core temperature, providing a deeper results. Learn More…


Compression therapy involves the use of inflatable sleeves or socks-like garment to apply pressure to specific parts of the body. This therapy aims to increase blood flow in the pressurized area to combat health issues such as soreness, joint pain, swelling, and inflammation. Learn More…


NuCalm is the latest innovation in stress relief. Using calming sounds, a light-blocking eye mask, and electromagnetic frequencies, NuCalm is the all natural way to alleviate life’s daily stress and recharge your body’s natural energy. This patented technology has been scientifically proven to balance and maintain your autonomous nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety. Learn more…


NOLA Chill is the go-to place for health and wellness in New Orleans and the surrounding area. We offer a variety of cryotherapy options to help you meet your wellness goals. Open 7 days a week. Schedule your appointment today!

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